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A retail platform powered by customized concierge services, supported by inventory management, payment services, and more.

About Us


With 35+ years of experience in the electronic transactions industry, TK Retail is a white label platform centered on data management, enrichment, reporting, and communication.

TK Retail provides interactive tools to empower existing retail solutions to carry on selling any time for online and offline offers, addressing the needs of retail property owners in shopping centers.

By staying flexible and focusing on easy system integration, TK Retail’s technologies and services can be merged with a wide range of businesses.

TK Retail supplies a platform, accessed via license, which helps retailers optimize customer’s experiences from their time in the retail space to their routes in it, and focuses on customer retention.

About TK Retail




Combine multi-tracking tag supports. Integrate mobile scanning and tracking during retail journeys for instant communication and offers. Gather social feedback from customers. Integrate location/profile tracking for customized offers.



Enrich reports and analytical data. Support strategic goals through economic estimation tools. Predict outlook for customer targeting and retention. Forecast budgets and revenue expectations.



Expand the experience with merchandising and communication support. Keep customers updated. Get feedback from customers to improve future visits and forecast growth. Maintain social media presence.

This journey is supported by the TK Retail platform from upstream to downstream management, providing assistance to retailers and solutions to customers:


  • Deploy QR codes and RFID tags on multi-devices

  • Real-time logistics and inventory tracking

  • Automated orders by smart inventory management

  • Integrate mobile scanning and tracking during routes for information and offers

  • Product placement digitized and quickly accessed



  • Track shoppers and staff throughout store

  • Enrich customer database with relevant data

  • Calculate time spent during visits and purchasing process

  • Target advertising campaigns appropriately

  • Manage customer accounts seamlessly

  • Adapt virtual media to each customer

  • Gather data from customer habits and activity monitoring



  • Provide real-time recommendations

  • Develop a personalized experience with tips, offers, and more

  • Find products quickly and effectively

  • Optimize shopping routes with indoor mapping

  • Recover lost sales with smart add-on purchases

  • Increase conversion rates across the board



  • Offset transaction costs via advertising

  • Secure and encrypt financial data

  • Gain access to the "unbanked"

  • Accept payment in any currency

  • Accept cash payments for online purchases

  • Offer access via an array of devices (Kiosk, mobile, cash corners, web)



  • Increase the average basket and shopping frequency

  • Develop and improve brand image

  • Identify and enhance customer profiles

  • Increase shopping frequency

  • Manage coupons and offers via web platform

  • Keep up with customers post-purchase


And More...


With TK Retail‘s real time management platform, the ability to customize and adapt to market demand is flexible and effortless in order to provide the best products and services possible.

Through key partnerships across various channels, TK Retail can quickly answer the needs of the client, while focusing on production and product management.

And more




TK Retail synchronizes data instantly on every devices connected to the platform, bringing a dynamic solution for all registered profiles. TK Retail stores and manages databases for instant updates and exchanges.



TK Retail’s platform is supported by a fully dedicated package of tracking devices and solutions. Including RFID tags, geo-mapping tools for indoor and outdoor services, and mobile detection according to profiles, TK Retail provides instant solutions, services, and responses to customers.



TK Retail’s platform manages data confidentially. From tracking to profiling to managing financial data, the platform utilizes, for customers and retailers, a full set of proprietary algorithms to ensure protection and encryption.



Manage dashboards (counts, graphics, etc.) by extraction mechanisms, transfers, and consolidation (ETL).

Ability to retrieve reports / data analysis on customers.

Tool Decision

  • Calculation of indicators with high added value

  • Behavior analysis

  • Algorithms / Alerts / Learning for risk management

  • Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Consolidation and planning information available in the database of the Licensee


For all stages in the process of a purchase, TK Retail provides a set of innovative technologies that secure financial data and personal identification.

The access to services, online registration, on-site connection to applications, payments, and much more, is governed by a single solution for identification and authentication.

The TK Retail platform combines the latest technologies of biometrics, and answers to the highest safety standards. TK Retail makes an exclusive set of data and transaction protection available to its clients.


Users are provided with a unique profile and can choose the identification procedure to access the services of their TK Retail platform.


TK Retail provides a personalized and unique access to individual records in the platform through an exclusive and secure login.



The mobile tablet is one of the best solutions for portability and performance with profiling identification/authentication access and the capability to connect to the Internet from anywhere. TK Retail adapts its technology to the need of the client and market at hand, and is able to respond with native apps or mobile web when required.


All of TK Retail’s software is designed to run on any smartphone, from iOS to Android, Windows Mobile, or Java. By staying flexible with its development process, TK Retail can answer the needs of the user directly, on a project-per-project basis, using the absolute best solutions possible.



TK Retail’s web platforms have been developed to be efficient, user friendly, highly secure, and entirely customizable to a particular service. A simple layout, void of clutter and needless distraction, allows for rapid data exchanges and facilitates a versatile environment.



TK Retail’s services are available via several types of licenses. These are all nonexclusive and tailored to the needs of the many different markets in which they are deployed.

TK Retail is paid a license fee to modify software to meet the needs of the Licensee and reserve access to the system. A fee-for-service in the form of a royalty is paid to TK Retail based on the effective deployment of the services.



The TK Retail system is customizable to meet the demands of all users, large or small, industrial or commercial, in all fields from real estate to retail without sacrificing security.



TK Retail has the ability to immediately ramp up production of its software to meet the needs of large demands, while protecting the integrity of the system and the security of the client.



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